SmartHealth PayCard Waives Its Annual Fee for New Applicants to Make Healthcare More Accessible as America Battles the Coronavirus

At SmartHealth PayCard, we believe all of us can play a role in fighting the coronavirus. At this critical time, as part of our commitment to eliminate the financial burden of medical expenses to make healthcare more accessible, for the next 3 months we are waiving the first year annual fee for new applicants of the SmartHealth PayCard. Everyone should have access to primary care whenever they need it.

A Financial Cure for Healthcare

Ensure your family receives medical care anytime, anywhere.

A Financial Cure for Healthcare

Ensure your family receives medical care anytime, anywhere.

About the SmartHealth PayCard

The SmartHealth PayCard Mastercard is designed to cover health costs, empowering individuals and families to pay for medical expenses whenever they occur.

Even with health insurance, far too many people aren’t getting the care they need. With the SmartHealth PayCard, cardholders can afford to pay for preventative care, treatments, procedures, mental health, emergencies, and other medical services. These are key factors in wellbeing and lead to more productive lives.

SmartHealth PayCard's Value to the Cardholder

The SmartHealth PayCard credit line allows you to receive medical attention whenever needed, while enjoying the many benefits of this simple, secure, and powerful card, including:

  • A revolving credit line to cover high deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and prescription drugs
  • The ability to pay for routine doctor visits, mental health, dental, vision, medical equipment and supplies, cosmetic surgery, and more
  • A national prescription savings program
  • Discounts will be available at participating providers, including surgical centers, imaging centers, pharmacies, and other medical-related entities
  • Accident Medical expense coverage will be available at no additional cost to you, providing indemnity benefits for hospital admissions, outpatient emergency room services, ambulance services, and accidental death (These coverages are not health insurance)
  • A complement to health savings accounts (HSAs)
  • Security and fraud protection
  • Access to a user-friendly website to view real-time transactions, keep track of healthcare expenditures, make payments, organize transactional healthcare records for bookkeeping and tax preparation
  • A must-have card for daily healthcare expenses, providing the freedom to make smart choices about treatment

Medical incidents and pharmacy costs are inevitable and, with the rising cost of healthcare, the result is often financial hardship. Medical problems contribute to two-thirds of all bankruptcies (American Journal of Public Health). Cardholders deserve peace of mind, not financial burden.

The SmartHealth PayCard allows individuals and families to take more control of their healthcare expenses.