Providers: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the SmartHealth PayCard Mastercard®?

A: It is a credit card designed to empower healthcare providers and veterinary clinics to collect payment in full for services provided without incurring additional fees to your practice.

We have an Express Approval process that provides your patient access to a revolving line of credit within a few minutes of approval.

A virtual card is emailed to approved applicants, so they can access their line of credit to get the healthcare they need, even when the need is quite urgent.

Q: Why should I offer SmartHealth PayCard?

A: The SmartHealth PayCard sets itself apart by improving your business operations and patient experience:

  • No fee for healthcare providers.
  • Eliminates the need to rely on costly and time-consuming collection services.
  • Lowers patient default and bad debt.
  • Allows you to spend more time treating patients and less time on billing and collections.
  • Reduces administration time and expense.
  • Improves cash flow with fewer accounts receivable.
  • Enhances your patients' experience by providing them with the means to immediately pay for your services, offering a solution for unexpected medical expenses.

Q: Why would my patients want a SmartHealth PayCard when they already have a credit card?

A: Many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • SmartHealth PayCard is more than a credit card. We are a financial solution for healthcare expenses that is pre-bundled with unique healthcare benefits you wouldn't expect from a credit card.
  • There are no surprise "balloon payments" or surprise interest increases, like they might experience with some term loans or other financing options.
  • SmartHealth PayCard enables them to keep their primary credit line focused on covering necessities like groceries, utilities, and non-healthcare expenses.
  • The SmartHealth PayCard can be a financial safety net for their entire family's day-to-day health needs and in case of medical emergencies.

Q: What is the APR?

A: The APR is 18%.

Q: Do you have a variable (lower) interest rate for better qualified patients

A: All approved applicants receive an interest rate of 18%.

Q: Is there an annual fee?

A: Yes, the annual fee is $120. At no additional cost, the cardholder and their immediate family members receive $5,000 accident medical expense insurance, $5,000 accidental death insurance, and a prescription savings program with discounts up to 85% on medications.

Q: What is the minimum monthly payment?

A: A minimum monthly payment of $30 or 3% of the account balance, whichever is greater, is required.

Q: How quickly do healthcare providers receive payment?

A: When patients use their SmartHealth PayCard to pay for medical expenses, the provider receives payment immediately, just like accepting payment for a Mastercard®.

Q: Do providers pay any fees to accept the SmartHealth PayCard?

A: No, SmartHealth PayCard has no hidden fees for providers. Mastercard® fees still apply according to your merchant service agreement.

Q: Is there recourse back to the provider for patients’ non-payment?

A: No. However, should you have a patient with a dispute as it relates to partial service or disputed treatment, you may be required to issue a credit to your patient's SmartHealth PayCard Mastercard®.

Q: How do interested patients apply?

A: It’s simple! You just provide the applicant your customized URL (ending with your 8-character "Application Code") and have them complete the application themselves. It takes only a few minutes to complete the online application.

Q: How soon will an applicant learn if they are approved?

A: With our Express Approval process, applicants receive a response of approval or decline within minutes in most cases, upon submission of the online application. This can be done while they are still in the office, at point of care, or while meeting with your finance team. Please note applications are only accepted between 8am – 7pm CST, Monday through Friday. Any applications submitted outside of those hours will receive a declined response without impact to the applicant's credit score.

Q: How does my patient pay within a few minutes of approval?

A: Once approved the cardholder can access their virtual card within minutes. A security code will be sent via text message to the cardholders' phone. This security code will need to be used in combination with the emailed link, in order to access their virtual card number, expiration date and CVV code.

You can accept the virtual payment following your "card not present" process, similar to when you are accepting a payment over the phone.

The cardholder has access to their entire allocated credit line minus the annual fee of $120 for medical expenses.

Q: So, a cardholder can begin treatment right away, even before they get their physical SmartHealth PayCard?

A: Yes, the virtual card will work for payment the same as any Mastercard®. You can accept the virtual card following your "card not present" process, similar to when you are accepting a payment over the phone.

Q: If the cardholder has traditional insurance, do I still need to contact their insurance company to check and see if the deductible has been met or if payments made have been applied towards their deductible?

A: Yes, just like you would be accepting a traditional credit card for payment. Please submit claims to their appropriate insurance company, if applicable, to determine if the deductible has been met and what out of pocket expenses can be anticipated. The cardholder can pay out of pocket medical expenses using their SmartHealth PayCard Mastercard®.

Q: How do I become a participating provider?

A: Email us at or call our support team at (833) PAY-SMART.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have more questions about offering the SmartHealth PayCard through my practice?

A: Here are several options:

Q: What kind of training do you provide for my staff?

A: Our account managers will setup your key personnel in our training platform to complete at their convenience.

Q: How do you handle customer service questions from my patients?

A: If your patient is a cardholder, and account-related information is needed, please have them call our 24-hour customer service line: (866) 276-5606.

If your patient has general questions about cardholder benefits, please have them contact us at (833) PAY-SMART (833-729-7627).

If your patient is a cardholder, and needs information the SmartHealth Rx Prescription Savings Program, please have them call 877-643-2067.